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            Promised Land
            Outdoor Adventures
            Families  Churches   Schools

            A Non-Profit Organization With ALL Volunteer Staff
            2018 Multi-Group Open Days
            Sat  OCT  6,  20       Sat   NOV 3

            These days are typically for groups of under 25 people.  They usually include 
            CHURCHES, BIRTHDAYS, FAMILIES, FRIENDS, CLUBS and other groups with about 1-25 people

            2018 Other Dates Available    -    Call    262-705-7552 
            For Large Group Reservations For groups of 25 or more people, often in the 30 - 100 size.
            Past groups have even exceeded 400.     Typical Groups

            SCHOOLS        Middle Schools    High Schools    Sports Teams
            CHURCHES     Men's Retreats    Small Group Picnics    Baptisms
            OTHER             Military    Law Enforcement    Clubs   Other Misc

            ALL Activities Below Are Available to ALL Groups


            Ages 5 +


            *  3 Bow Sizes
                    Children - Adult

            *  Color Coded Arrows

            *  Lessons for Newbies

            *  Mini Tournaments With
                   Medals For Winners


            Ages 11 & Up

            Most Popular With




            Sports Teams

            Friends & Family

            *  All Needed Equipment
            *  200 Paintballs
            *  Over 1,000,000 Squ feet
                     of Playing Fields
            *  Imaginative Games
            *  Cool Props


            MAY - SEPTEMBER

            CRYSTAL CLEAR 
            BEACH !


            *  20 Foot Trampoline

            *  Paddle Boats

            *  Kayaks

            *  LOTS of Water Toys

            *  Lifejackets In Every size


            MAY - NOVEMBER


            *  Fishing
                    No Fishing License !
                  Pan Fish, 
                  Large Mouth Bass

            *  Archery

            *  Beach

            *  Campfire & Wood

            LOTS More - Ask

            29039 Wilmot Rd   Trevor   WI  53179
            Located half way between Milwaukee
            and Chicago

            Office    262-694-1540
            Rick Cell   262-705-7552

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